About Us

Wildmeadow Windhounds is long in coming. I followed the silken windhound breed for several years prior to acquiring my first, scouring websites like this one for puppy photos, show updates, breed information, anything I could find! A local breeder invited me to her home, where I was converged upon by a sea of inquisitive silken noses. These were sweet, gentle dogs that wanted my attention but were adorably polite about it. I was smitten.

The breed looks great on paper, but for me, they’re even better in the home. First I was a silken owner, then an active member of the community, soon a breeder. I found myself so passionate about these silly, sweet noodlesnoots that I wanted to be a part of the breed’s future.

I gravitated toward THIS breed because I was looking for a medium sized, longhaired, aesthetically pleasing dog that would be a mellow, easy pet but still have enough energy and biddability for the kinds of activities I enjoyed. Sighthounds had that marvelous off switch. Silkens had the right size, appearance, health, and temperament for me.

As with any breed, there is variability. The silken I love is a versatile animal: relaxed in the home but ready for action when I am. They are perhaps aloof relative to herders and retrievers but pleasant with people and other dogs, stable and relaxed in public, biddable sufficient for handler oriented dog sports like rally-o and agility, and prey or lure driven sufficient for traditional sighthound events like coursing and racing.

My silkens are active companions first. We lounge on the couch, play in the yard, go on roadtrips, walk in the park, hang out at outdoor cafes. But we also compete in UKC conformation, racing and coursing, rally-obedience, and more.

The plan is for Wildmeadow Windhounds to be a small, home-based kennel. We will breed infrequently and carefully with the goal of producing the next generation of healthy, beautiful, versatile silken windhounds.

Located south of Dayton, OH.

Member of the International Silken Windhound Society